Fire Protection

We can perform the service or maintenance that your fire protection equipment needs.

A working fire extinguisher is the most important piece of fire protection at your fingertips in an emergency. RMA provides and supports your fire protection extinguishers to assure you the peace of mind needed to count on your extinguisher in an emergency.

Universal Cylinder Services Company, a Rocky Mountain Air Solutions company, provides extinguishers and extinguisher testing and recharging. Our trained technicians follow the NPPA 10 year regulations.

We offer inspection, maintenance and repair services to ensure your fire protection equipment and monitoring hardware is in compliance with local and federal codes. We inspect the handles, hoses, gauges, and seals as well as hydro testing the cylinder and reconditioning the extinguisher.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does your company tag or service fire extinguishers?

    Our Universal Cylinder Service department performs all of the required services to meet Federal, States, and Local fire code requirements. We can update the tags, recharge the fire extinguishers if required, and we also sell all types of new fire extinguishers. We can quickly identify what is required and will let you know before we perform the service so that you are aware of cost and time needed. Give us a call if your fire extinguishers need service!

  • How often do fire extinguishers need to be tagged or serviced?

    Commercial and industrial businesses are required to service their fire extinguishers every year. The services performed are notated on the annual inspection tag that is placed by a licensed service technician on the front of the fire extinguisher or fire protection equipment so that it can be identified by the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). There are specific services that are required at certain intervals per Federal, State, and Local fire code requirements. Our certified service technicians are trained on all up-to-date codes so that we can ensure your products are within code.

  • How will my company know how many and what types of fire extinguishers it needs to be compliant?

    This is what we are here for! The first basic requirement is that you must have a fire extinguisher every 75 feet of travel in the path of egress and visible. A 5 pound size ABC fire extinguisher for commercial environments with a low hazard rating should work if you are in an office type environment where there are not significant forms of hazards. Small computers, printers or other small types of equipment that do not typically catch fire often only require the 5 pound ABC fire extinguisher for fire protection. However, as the hazard levels go up, so do the required sizes of fire extinguishers. For industrial types of environments, a minimum of a 10 pound ABC may be required, depending on the hazards present. Our certified technicians are trained to identify these hazards and make appropriate size recommendations based upon the required codes. Give us a call today to figure out your business's fire protection needs!

  • Does Rocky Mountain Air offer on-site fire extinguisher service, or do we bring our fire extinguishers to your facility?

    We offer both on-site fire extinguisher service as well as in-house service for the Salt Lake City metro area only. In many cases, it is a "service while you wait," during which time we can have your extinguishers inspected with an updated tag in less than 15 minutes, depending on the required services.