Mountain Aire Medical

Medical gas and accessory supply for Colorado Springs and the surrounding region

Mountain Aire Medical Equipment specializes in cryogenic fittings, adaptors, accessories, safety equipment and consulting services. We have creatively packaged a specific selection of products available for the convenience of the home medical equipment dealer.

Mountain Aire is also a resource for safety and compliance products, field service technicians, respiratory therapists, and the delivery vehicle engaged in compressed cryogenic oxygen services.

We have an unwavering commitment to supplying the health and home care industry with the right products, right on time.

Accordion Title

  • What is a Tank Tote?

    A Tank Tote is an inexpensive cylinder (Tank) storage and transporting container that we offer for your convenience. It comes in a variety of sizes so that it can hold your cylinder size. It is made out of a high quality cardboard material to keep the tote lightweight and easy to move. We've found our tank tote to be considerably durable through several different test methods we ran in house, as well as through numerous customer reviews. Even when it has been splashed with water or rain, it out performs the tank tote offered by our competitors! If you need a better storage option for your tanks, let us know!

  • Is the Tank Tote waterproof?

    While our Tank Tote is not designed to be waterproof, it is more than capable of performing well even when slightly wet, keeping you on the move and worry free.

  • What other products does Mountain Aire Medical supply?

    Mountain Aire Medical primarily focuses on home healthcare distribution companies. We supply LOX fill connection fittings, a variety of scales, protective clothing, wheel chalks, and much much more! Let us help set up your company for success today!