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2018 Food Trends: The Mesmerizing Effect of Dragon’s Breath

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Thai rolled ice cream may have been named one of the top 15 trends for 2018 by the National Restaurant Association, but a new dessert fad may be giving it a run for its money.

Resembling an icy fog flowing over snow-capped mountains, thick white vapor has been overflowing out of mall kiosks and county fair booths advertising a new mystical treat: Dragon’s Breath. What’s the magic ingredient that creates this mesmerizing effect? Liquid Nitrogen.

Over the past ten or so years, Liquid Nitrogen has become an intriguing ingredient in creating futuristic foods and drinks. The cryogenic gas freezes whatever it touches instantly. Liquid Nitrogen has been used in the food and beverage industries by mixologists to serve frozen slushy cocktails and to concoct instant ice cream. Anyone who handles Liquid Nitrogen should be properly trained, as the extreme negative temperature can cause harm. However, when handled cautiously and following careful instructions such as not touching or ingesting the unevaporated liquid itself, it can be a fun experience for all.

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This fascinating treat first made its appearance at night markets in Asia, eventually making its way into trendy LA ice cream shops and now into local malls across the nation. Dragon’s Breath puffs are multi-colored balls of fruit-loop-flavored puffed cereal that are flash-frozen in a mixing bowl fed by a tube of Liquid Nitrogen. The liquid gas is poured over the mixing bowl from a vacuum-insulated cryogenic cylinder of Liquid Nitrogen, sitting at a temperature of -320 degrees Fahrenheit, which is colder than dry ice. Exposed for under a minute, the puffs are frozen and emit an arctic cold fog. Handled with a wooden stick, when eaten it creates the effect of blowing smoke out of your mouth and nose like a dragon. Needless to say, it has been going viral across various social media platforms since its discovery.

This effect is known as the Leidenfrost effect – an occurrence that happens when a liquid comes into contact with something that is significantly hotter than its boiling point – in this case, air. An insulated layer of vapor keeps the liquid from boiling, forming droplets that hover over a surface. Because of this, the Liquid Nitrogen itself does not soak into the puffed cereal. The vapor instead flows over it, forming fine ice crystals on the side of the cup. The liquid settles at the bottom of the container.

Although Liquid Nitrogen is tasteless, the cereal itself does not have an overwhelmingly strong taste. For an additional charge, an order of Dragon’s Breath can include dipping sauces of flavored condensed milk for a sweeter experience. A few of the popular flavors are mango, banana, strawberry, caramel and chocolate.

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Each vendor requires a written and verbal disclaimer with specific instructions on how to properly consume and enjoy Dragon’s Breath. Just as you would not put a spoonful of boiling hot soup in your mouth before cooling, you should not put a subzero substance in your mouth before warming. The most vital piece of instruction is to absolutely not let the Liquid Nitrogen settled at the bottom of the container come in contact with any part of your body.

The directions for eating Dragon’s Breath typically go as follows:

– Pick up a Dragon Breath puff with the wooden stick provided.

– Blow on the puff several times to reduce the extreme cold temperature.

– Make sure the Liquid Nitrogen has evaporated before putting it into your mouth.

– Blow out at least 3 times to create the imitation of “Dragon’s Breath” before chewing slowly.

– Do NOT touch or drink any remaining Liquid Nitrogen at the bottom of the cup.

Eating this smoky treat is not recommended for young children or those with sensitive teeth or cavities. In fact, most vendors of Dragon’s Breath will not sell to customers under a certain age or require the company of a parental guardian. The consumption of this Liquid Nitrogen dessert has been tested and is safe to enjoy if these precautions are followed.

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Your Local Liquid Nitrogen Provider

At Rocky Mountain Air, we are already in the business of servicing Liquid Nitrogen ice cream and dessert shops across the Rocky Mountain region and continue to partner with new vendors such as those selling Dragon’s Breath. We are fascinated by up-and-coming, relevant trends in the food and beverage industries and always strive to keep up with the demands of new businesses.

Our team of cryogenic specialists and all-star customer service representatives can assist you in assessing your usage of Liquid Nitrogen and setting up your business with the most efficient cylinder sizes. An appropriately sized cryogenic cylinder or bulk tank will ensure a consistent and reliable delivery schedule so that you will never have to compromise your sales due to a lack of supply. If you are in need of a Liquid Nitrogen provider in Colorado, Utah, Nebraska, Idaho, Wyoming or any of the surrounding areas, contact your nearest Rocky Mountain Air Solutions branch to set up an evaluation today.

Dragon’s Breath is a fun and frosty treat – take care to understand the risks

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