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Best Practices for Compressed Cylinder Deliveries and Walk-Ins During COVID-19

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As many cities across the United States are enforcing shelter-in-place orders and social distancing measures, Rocky Mountain Air, as with many other businesses, is taking extra precautions when interacting in the workplace and with our customers. The atmospheric gas industry remains an essential business, as it serves other essential industries – including the medical industry – behind the scenes.

In order to be proactive in decreasing the spread of COVID-19, Rocky Mountain Air has implemented thorough safety measures for conducting walk-ins and deliveries of compressed gas cylinders, both of which commit to the importance of social distancing throughout the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Walk-In Safety Protocols

In the best interest of the health and safety of our employees and customers, our current plan of action limits the amount of interaction between the two parties. Our branches remain open for walk-ins, but our doors will be locked, and all customer interactions will be conducted over the phone. We ask that our walk-in customers remain in their vehicles and notify a customer service representative via phone of the time of arrival.

Walk-ins will still be able to return cylinders, and drop-off areas will be designated at each branch. Please communicate what types of cylinders you are returning so that we may complete the transaction as efficiently and quickly as possible. There will be paper, masking tape, and pens for notes, and disinfectant wipes on the dock in a plastic bag for your convenience. Once you have unloaded an empty cylinder to be exchanged, wait in your vehicle for an employee to deliver your cylinder refill. Packing lists will be taped to the body of the cylinder. Once the cylinder has been delivered, you can then place the cylinder in your vehicle without having to come into contact with anyone.

Throughout this exchange, there should be no face-to-face interaction at any time. For further help, a detailed notice will be posted on the front doors of each branch, including a phone number to contact a representative to assist you. Our customer service representatives will guide you through the process. To confirm the completion of the transaction, employees and customers should give each other a “thumbs up.”


Delivery Safety Protocols

On the delivery front, our drivers have been trained to complete a thorough pre-trip cleaning protocol, sanitizing delivery trucks inside and out, phones, gloves, etc. prior to dispatch. Rocky Mountain Air contacts each delivery customer prior to drop-off to explain how the delivery will be conducted. Our drivers strictly comply to these safety measures.

As with walk-ins, deliveries will avoid interaction between RMA representatives and employees throughout the exchange. We ask that you designate an easily accessible area outside of your building, free from human interaction for the delivery of our cylinders and other products. Our representatives will notify you of delivery instructions prior to receiving your order. To ensure the safety of our employees and yours, make sure the drop-off area is free from obstacles and cylinders can be easily moved to and from the trucks.

To complete the transactions, our drivers will attach a packing list with both the delivered and returned cylinder information. Once the driver has returned to their vehicle, they can institute a “thumbs up” approval to communicate to customers that the delivery is complete. Our drivers will not be engaging in any face-to-face communication but will rely on a branch representative to communicate what you need to be satisfied with your order. Should our drivers arrive and there is no agreed upon or clearly designated area for delivery, a customer service representative will contact the customer for further direction. 

Cash, Check, and Credit Card Restrictions

Our social distancing protocols extend to how we will handle payments. At this time, we will not require signatures to accept deliveries, nor will the exchange of cash or check payments, including receiving checks by mail or drop-off. Only credit cards or preexisting accounts set up over the phone will be the available method of payment at the time of order. This part of the process is temporary and only due to the pandemic. We will require signatures again post pandemic.

The purpose behind this is to avoid the need for our employees to go to the bank to deposit checks, limiting further exposure. Even after the pandemic protocols are lifted, this procedural change will remain in place.


Rocky Mountain Air’s Disease Protection Protocols

Each of these protocols are in immediate effect in order to ensure efficient transactions that will provide the safest possible exchange between our customers and employees. We continue to do the most precise job of delivering products and tracking returned cylinders, as is our usual business practice. We are dedicated to communicating the introduction of these strict safety measures with the customers served at each of our branches so that they are ready to work with us as we adapt to these new circumstances.

At Rocky Mountain Air, our goal remains to serve you with flawless dependability so that your essential businesses may run smoothly, which also means honoring the health of our employees, customers, and their families. We hope that we have your support as we work to serve you during this time. Please contact your local branch today in Colorado, Idaho, Nebraska, Utah, or Wyoming, or email for any questions regarding our new safety protocols for delivering compressed cylinders during COVID-19.

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