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Carrying Liquor and Wine With Cardboard Tank Totes

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Figuring out how to transport wine home from the liquor store is always a challenge, especially for those in charge of supplying it this holiday season. Luckily there is a more convenient way to carry liquor and wine that won’t require two hands or the worry of potentially breaking bottles.

Used also for small gas cylinders, Rocky Mountain Air has utilized cardboard tank totes that are ideal for both professionals and customers of the beverage industry.


Personal and Commercial Delivery

What makes tank totes unique? Tank totes are ideal for several aspects of the beverage industry. For example, they are perfectly designed for liquor stores wanting to assemble customized sampler or variety packs as in-store promotions. This gives customers the unique opportunity to taste test various wines, liquors, and beers they want to try before committing to purchasing them in larger quantities. With a handle located up top, they are easier to transport and transfer than collapsible boxes that have to be picked up from the bottom.

Not only are these totes convenient, but they are safe. The dividers offer protection from glass bottles clanking together and keep them secure and upright better than cloth, canvas, or brown paper bags. Delivery drivers and customers alike can have peace of mind that bottles will not be rolling around in vehicles. Contactless deliveries to customers or family and friends and are made easy as bottles less likely to get knocked over and broken if dropped off on a concrete porch step.

One of the things that makes tank totes so convenient is that they are recycle and reusable. Whether used in a liquor store, restaurant setting, or for personal use, tank totes can easily be tossed by being recycled to keep in line with COVID guidelines, or they can easily be collapsed, stored, and reused for a later purpose without taking up much space. They can be purchased in packages of 10 or 20 each.


Tank Totes From Rocky Mountain Air Solutions

Rocky Mountain Air is dedicated to providing customers with flawless dependability through creative solutions that strive for efficiency and security. If you are looking for a resourceful way to deliver alcohol, create sampler packs or gifts this holiday season without breaking the bank, call us at our Colorado Springs office at (719) 574-8600. We look forward to serving you!

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