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Some Cool Facts About Cryosaunas

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With more and more people around the nation looking to get a leg up on their personal health, the trend of cryotherapy continues to pick up steam—and with good reason. The benefits of cryotherapy are wide ranging: sports teams use it to give their athletes faster healing and improved endurance while regular folks use it to promote everything from better quality sleep to better skin tone.

Wondering how exactly cryotherapy works? Customers looking to reap the benefits are treated with either a cryotherapy gun, which focuses on specific areas of the body, or a cryosauna, which immerses the whole body into a tub of extremely cold air (usually around -250 degrees Fahrenheit) for a short period of time.

At Rocky Mountain Air Solutions, our expertise lies in cryosaunas. More specifically, we focus on supplying the liquid nitrogen that cools down the chambers of the cryosaunas and cryo guns. Because there are different specifications for each machine, we perform a site survey based on each location to determine the best delivery method for the product.

For example, pressures inside the tank are constantly changing. Historically, that meant our customer would have to manipulate the tank physically to get the desired pressure while a consumer was using it. But Rocky Mountain Air Solutions has solved that dilemma. We helped eliminate human error by developing an apparatus that better regulates pressure, allowing each machine to run more efficiently so businesses get more sessions while using less product. In effect, we’ve removed the need for our customers to manipulate the tank while they’re with their patient, allowing them to focus only on their customer and not worry about the tank. It assures better customer service and a better customer experience.

We’re so completely dedicated to exceptional delivery and service that we strive for 100% accuracy. That means you’ll never have to worry about bill discrepancies or running out of product. We develop a schedule to know what our customers need, how much they need—and always deliver to those specifications. But our expertise doesn’t stop there.

As a bonus, we’re not limited to a territory—we’re available to relay our expertise to anyone in the cryo industry. When a customer or a potential customer has issues, we partner with them to determine where the problem might lie. And because we work with a wide variety of manufacturers, we’re more knowledgeable about the source of a potential issue. If we can’t solve it, we can articulate the message to the manufacturers so they have the information they need to resolve the issue for the customer. In the end, we go the extra mile to significantly decrease downtime—something that’s always better for business.

At Rocky Mountain Air Solutions, we’re driven by a customer-first attitude. Not only do we provide meticulous quality control, but we still believe in friendly, personalized solutions that deliver above and beyond expectations.

Have questions about cryotherapy or cryosaunas? Let us know in the comments or contact us directly. We’re always happy to help!

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