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Denver Restaurants Gear Up for Winter With Outdoor Propane Heaters

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The restaurant industry has been subject to constant adjustments as it continues to adapt to ever-changing pandemic protocols, state-wide mandates, and now, the weather. While the summer brought reprieve with the option to utilize outdoor seating as a means of social distancing, many restaurant owners are concerned about their ability to continue seating guests outdoors with the winter months approaching. Many are exploring options that will keep guests comfortable as the cold months quickly approach, while maintaining a safe maximum capacity that will allow their doors to stay open even after the damper of daylight savings.

At Rocky Mountain Air, we are ready to do our part to keep the restaurant industry running smoothly. We don’t just offer carbon dioxide or nitrogen to keep beverages fizzy, we also distribute propane tanks for outdoor heaters.


Outdoor Propane Heater Permits and Evaluations

Since the spring, at least 400 restaurants have closed in Colorado. The city of Denver has extended permits for outdoor seating on sidewalks, streets, and nearby parking lots at least through the end of October, although it is anticipated that the permitting could remain through the end of the year. As the sun sets earlier and cold fronts sweep in, restaurant owners are hoping this opportunity will allow them to create winter-friendly patio seating to continue to receive as much business as possible.

Tents and propane heaters are viable solutions to making this vision a reality for restaurants while also keeping guests comfortable. Propane can be purchased through an atmospheric gas supplier such as Rocky Mountain Air after performing an on-site evaluation. Permits for outdoor propane heaters are required and vary on a city-by-city basis and by tank size. Restaurants will be required to install the appropriate storage cages to house cylinders safely, and in some cases, a crash barrier to protect the cage. RMA offers cage and crash barriers for rental.

Each evaluation will be based on the following three questions and can help restaurant owners streamline the process of ordering propane from Rocky Mountain Air:

– What is the make and model of the heaters being used?

– How many BTU’s do they burn per hour?

– How many hours/days/weeks do the heaters run or will they run?

It is more beneficial to purchase propane through a reputable gas supplier. Unlike hardware, grocery store, or gas station purchased propane that is filled at 80 percent capacity, our products are filled to 100 percent capacity to ensure that you are getting a tank that will provide you with the efficiency and longevity to keep your business up and running smoothly.


Propane Suppliers in Denver and the Rocky Mountain Region

At RMA, it is important that we serve our local restaurants and businesses so that they can continue to keep their doors open and thrive under the given circumstances. By taking care of on-site evaluation, permitting, cage-installation, and ongoing tank rentals and refills, our hope is to accommodate restaurants in a way that eases stress and provides flawless dependability to each of our restaurant partners. Our experts can answer questions you may have about tank sizes and permits, and our customer service representatives are able to schedule evaluations for estimates. We are geared up and ready to help you in this process at the Denver branch, so please give us a call at (303) 777-6671.

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