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Discontinuing Service on Improperly Marked & Footed Bottom Cylinders

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For safety reasons, Rocky Mountain Air Solutions has decided to discontinue service of all improperly marked and footed-bottomed cylinders.


Identifying Discontinued Cylinders

Discontinued cylinders can be identified by the following two characteristics:

  • • Egg crate, Coke bottle, or footed bottoms

  • • One line of data with no DOT marking

Egg crate, Coke bottle, or footed bottom cylinders are shaped like 2-liter soda bottles and come in various sizes up to 35 pounds. The bottoms of the footed cylinders are as thick as the side walls, which is thinner than normal cylinders. Flat-bottomed cylinders have a thicker base, which protects against corrosion.

The thin base walls and bottoms are not built to withstand internal or external corrosion and are a liability if they fail during testing or in use by our customers. In the past couple of years, four industry-wide failures have been documented across the US. Luckily, no injuries occurred. However, for safety reasons we will discontinue service for these cylinders.

Be on the lookout and recognize that if you are using any high-pressure cylinders with these characteristics. Rocky Mountain Air Solutions is discontinuing servicing these cylinders all together, whether that be testing or filling. Such cylinders currently in our possession will be scrapped. This information applies to fire extinguishers of a similar nature as well.

Disposal and Replacement

Effective policies regarding foot bottomed or improperly marked cylinders:

  • • We are unable to test or refill footed bottom or improperly marked cylinders.

  • • If the cylinder so happens to be rented from us, we will exchange it at no additional cost.

  • • If the cylinder is customer-owned, we will not exchange it.

  • • We can offer to scrap these customer-owned cylinders for a fee.

  • • Any full or empty cylinders of this nature will be taken out of circulation.

Practicing Flawless Dependability

At Rocky Mountain Air, our priority is always to deliver flawless dependability. Serving our customers in the Rocky Mountain region with consistency, accuracy, and urgency is how we choose to operate each partnership. We have already begun the process of identifying and replacing the discontinued cylinders so that you will not have to stress. At the end of the day, our goal is always to maintain the safety of our customers and our employees.

If you have any questions regarding these cylinders, or have any in your possession, please call your local branch and a representative will take care of you today.

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