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Making the Cut: Finding the Right Abrasives and Hard Goods

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To kick off 2018, Rocky Mountain Air Solutions is launching a product offering flyer full of exclusive offers on grinders, chop saws, abrasives, safety gloves and other hard goods. We only offer product lines from top brand names that we trust such as DeWalt®, SAIT, Weiler®, Victor®, Lincoln® and Tillman™, ensuring the best quality and the professional expertise to assist you at, and beyond the initial purchase. The January product offering flyer can be viewed here.

Why Rocky Mountain Air Solutions?

We know what you’re thinking: but WHY purchase from Rocky Mountain Air? The answer is simple: buy from us because we actually test all our grinding, cutting and finishing wheels against competitive wheels for safety, performance, efficiency and cost savings. We can compare any wheel you are currently using side by side to provide you with a higher performing, longer lasting wheel for almost any application. This level of testing is true for all of our abrasives.

Beyond that, we are available to provide you with any assistance needed to establish the best possible safety and performance for each product as it is used in your business. It may be tempting to make purchases based on convenience from sites like Amazon, but your interaction ends once you click Place Your Order. These user-friendly sites have their attractions, but also their drawbacks, as they are faceless and unable to offer the irreplaceable benefits of a business committed to offering a partnership with their customers. Rocky Mountain Air Solutions is dedicated to providing our customers with flawless dependability. Our products are essential to the industries we serve and we believe in creating a continuing partnership for all your supply needs in the years to come. As a local business, we are passionate about reliably serving our customers across the Rocky Mountain region. Our industrial strength products are backed by competent professionals with industry knowledge and years of expertise – which can’t be found just anywhere. We have solutions for you, no matter what industry.

A Measured Approach

Knowing there are many options for abrasives and industrial hard goods on the market, how do you find the one that’s right for you? We believe the answer is easy: find the one that best fits YOU and the work you perform. But finding that abrasive can be a challenge because so many factors come into play – that’s where RMA can help you best. With free product evaluations, onsite demos and free samples, our product experts will help you choose the right wheel, grinder or safety glove for the right application and tool.

Wonder why we are so confident that we can find you the right wheel? There are several aspects of abrasive use that we evaluate so we can best answer your questions about the wear, quality of output and cost. Here are some of the things we look at:

G-Ratio – measures the amount of metal removed per gram of wheel loss

Wheel Efficiency – measures the amount of time to remove or cut the work piece

Wheel Life – measures how long the wheel lasts in proportion to how much work has been complete

Cost per Cut – measures the cost for each cut of a cutting wheel in relation to the metal type and size

Contact Pressure – measures the amount of pressure required by the operator to safely complete the work

Scratch Pattern Analysis – evaluates the scratch patterns for each wheel type and grit on specific types of metal and applications

Cost Benefit Analysis – measures wheel cost in proportion to the increase/decrease in labor efficiency

With our product experts and proven methodologies, Rocky Mountain Air Solutions cuts through the noise when it comes to choosing your abrasives and hard goods. Ask your local branch how you can increase productivity while also saving money on abrasives and other essential tools you buy. 

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