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Fire Extinguisher Filling, Testing, and Certification

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Although fires may seem like a rarity, when it comes to adequate fire protection for your business, factory, or home, you always want to be prepared for hazardous possibilities. It is recommended that fire extinguishers are visually inspected once per month in house for signs of leakage, dents, or corrosion, however, annual servicing must be performed by fire protection professionals for filling, testing, and certification. These services ensure that extinguishing agents will expel when the pin is pulled and that the cylinder contents remain at a safe pressure. Fire protection filling, testing, and certification is one of the services offered by Rocky Mountain Air Solutions out of our Salt Lake City plant.


Portable Fire Extinguishers

Rocky Mountain Air can service most types of fire extinguishers, from dry chemical, wet chemical, clean agent, carbon dioxide, and D class extinguishers. These range from personal 2.5 pound units to large wheeled units used on tarmacs and power stations. We perform every level of compliance needed for portable fire extinguishers, including recharging and updating tags. The services performed are notated on the annual inspection tag on the extinguisher or fire protection equipment in case the Authority Have Jurisdiction (AHJ) perform an inspection. These tags will tell you when you are due for an annual service as required at certain intervals per federal, state, local fire code, and OSHA requirements.

Services include a thorough examination of the cylinder inside and out. Testing is essential, because if the extinguisher fails, it must be replaced or repaired before returning to the business. The extinguishing agent is refilled if necessary and tested to ensure that it is expelling safely and effectively. We also provide hydrostatic testing, which is a type of internal/external testing. It must be performed on wet chemical and carbon dioxide extinguishers every five years and on dry chemical extinguishers every 12 years.

Annual Certification Service may be conducted on-site at your businesses or factory, or in house at Rocky Mountain Air’s Salt Lake City plant in as little as 15 minutes depending on how many extinguishers need to be serviced.

We also fill and certify the cylinders attached to fire suppression system tanks but do not perform installation or annual certification on system set-ups like we offer for portable fire extinguishers.


Cylinder Services and Fire Protection at Rocky Mountain Air

Rocky Mountain Air provides and supports your fire protection extinguishers to assure you the peace of mind needed to count on your extinguisher in an emergency, whether you need a single extinguisher tested or are servicing your businesses’ entire supply. Flawlessly dependable fire protection servicing will give you the peace of mind that you can count on your fire extinguishers and suppression systems in case of an emergency.

Based out of our Utah branch, we are able to service all of your portable fire extinguishers through testing, refilling, and certifications. Contact your local RMA branch today for any questions regarding fire extinguisher types and fire protection services for your business. We look forward to serving you!

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