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How the Art of Conscious Listening Cultivates Flawless Dependability


It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows.

– Epictetus

A form of leadership and basic on-the-job success is simply being able to listen effectively. Truly listening is a difficult skill to develop. When we think we know something, we all have a tendency to stop listening.

In his TED Talk, “5 Ways to Listen Better,” sound consultant Julian Treasure talks about why listening is such an important skill to acquire. Treasure studies sound and gives businesses advice on how they can use it to their advantage.

In this video, he says that 60% of our communication time is spent listening, however, we only retain 25% of what we hear. That means that the vast majority of what we hear over the course of each day is not retained. How does this affect Rocky Mountain Air’s promise of flawless dependability in every customer interaction?

Treasure says that listening is our access to understanding, and conscious listening creates understanding. In order to practice flawless dependability every day and deliver customer experiences that are efficient, accurate and stress free, our promise is to create a trustworthy relationship that is based on listening to the needs of our clients. Through connecting and understanding, we can cultivate customizable solutions and accommodate according to the specific needs of your business. Our customers can always be certain that their requests will not return void.

Our teams are great at working together to deliver services with flawless dependability, whether it’s giving advice on cylinder maintenance, deploying a truck for an emergency gas filling after hours, or helping you understand your usage to create a customized cryogenic bulk tank. It all starts with positioning ourselves to listen consciously each day. At Rocky Mountain Air, we promise to be active, not passive, empathetic, not critical, and expansive, not reductive.

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