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Meeting Customer Needs, From Hand Sanitizer to Medical Oxygen

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This spring has taught us the vitality of planning ahead for emergencies and adapting to necessary changes on a moment’s notice. Government regulations and the shifting needs of our customers are top priority as we serve our essential industries and workers.

We hope to meet the needs of our customers in the Rocky Mountain region whether big or small during this critical time, with products ranging from hand sanitizer to medical oxygen, accompanied by flawlessly dependable service.


Hand Sanitizer Now in Stock

We realize that washing hands frequently isn’t always possible. With such a shortage of hand sanitizer, we recognized the necessity of keeping your workforce – and ours – healthy on site and on the go. We are now selling industrial strength hand sanitizer, designed to keep your team healthy and proactive. This moisturizing hand sanitizer is stronger than store-bought brands at 70% ethyl alcohol, wiping out germs.

We are now offering 12-ounce pour-out bottles to locate at your desk, the front counter, or inside trucks for $10 a bottle, or at bulk pricing. Pump bottles and pocket-size hand sanitizers will also be available for your workforce on the go beginning the end of May.

For all orders of hand sanitizer please call 303-777-6671.


Medical Oxygen Service

There has been an influx in the demand of oxygen for ventilators, giving the medical industry predominance. Our delivery drivers, plant workers, and cryogenics experts have been diligently working to provide oxygen, which is currently an especially necessary element.

We sell oxygen at a variety of purity levels used for a variety of systems, whether that be medical or industrial. At Rocky Mountain Air, our skilled cryogenics experts can best assess your usage of liquid and bulk oxygen for medical applications. With fluctuating medical oxygen needs, we are capable of adapting to changing demands and implementing temporary solutions to best service hospitals in light of the pandemic.


Partnership During the Pandemic

Communication is key with constantly changing protocols and various needs surfacing that may have not been as prevalent before. Our experts and customer service representatives are available for any advice concerning cylinder services, bulk orders of hand sanitizer, and questions regarding how we are conducting business in person and abiding by social distancing measures.

With government restrictions easing up, we are now allowing walk-in services at our branches once again. Similar to most establishments, we require everyone to a wear protective face mask upon entry into the building, to stand six feet apart, and are only allowing up to three customers inside at a time. There will be clear markers in place so that there may be no confusion. Rest assured, we are maintaining even stricter guidelines within our internal functions, but strive to keep our customer interactions as safe and efficient as possible.

In a time of uncertainty, as a Rocky Mountain Air customer, you can be certain that we will serve your business with consistency, accuracy, and urgency. This is how we choose to operate each partnership. We won’t settle for anything less.

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