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Putting Our Best Foot Forward


You’ve probably heard the popular phrase “work hard, play hard” and mostly associated it with weekend warriors. But, more and more companies are starting to embrace that mantra as well. That’s why a small group of Rocky Mountain Air Solutions employees have participated in the annual Bolder Boulder road race three years running. And this year, some of those same brave souls joined forces with employees from the western half of our company to take on the Corporate Cup run in Salt Lake City.

In all, we had 11 employees and their families participate in the Corporate Cup 5k run/walk. And, in true Rocky Mountain Air Solutions style, they gave it their all—resulting in a 4th place overall finish. Of course, we don’t participate in these things to brag about how well we do. It just so happens we love to stay active, and these community events are a great forum where we can make that a reality.

As it turns out, this outward expression of physical activity is an inward reflection of some of our company’s core values. We love the concept of being mindful as a way of keeping our brains sharp. (Proof of this is our commitment to offering corporate yoga through our Denver and Grand Junction offices for several years now.) By creating awareness of where we are and what’s going on through health and wellness activities, we’ve found a natural way to keep our employees physically and mentally sharp. When our employees are on their ‘A’ games, our company goal of delivering Flawless Dependability seems to take care of itself.

There are a few additional benefits we get out of doing our fun runs. Events like these give us the chance to get to know each other outside of work. Nothing builds camaraderie like carbo-loading at dinner the night before a race. It’s fun for everyone and creates a sense of community, a bonding experience, that we share. Maintaining our health is just one more way we strive to serve our customers faster, better, and different.

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