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Rocky Mountain Air Solutions Rolls Out Gas Cylinder Tracking System

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During a time where there is so much uncertainty for many of our customers, Rocky Mountain Air Solutions takes great pride in being a dependable and trustworthy partner in our customers’ need for atmospheric gases. This summer, we took our next step to improve your customer experience by rolling out a new tracking system for our gas cylinders.

While we previously had a very good, multi-step audit process to ensure that customer cylinder counts and charges were accurate, we further invested in an asset tracking software so that every barcoded cylinder is tracked for your assurance of account balance accuracy. This process has taken us several years to accurately barcode our gas cylinders in preparation to put this system to use during our daily interactions with you.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that over the past few months, we have been able to fully implement our asset tracking to ensure your cylinder count remains accurate. How does this work? Whether you are exchanging cylinders in our store or we are delivering them to your company, our team will use a scan gun to return your empty cylinders and remove them from your account. They will then scan the full cylinders that will be added to your account, keeping your account up-to-date in real time.

Each cylinder exchange will go through this process so that you always know that the cylinder balance on your invoice is accurate. This extension of our ability to provide a trustworthy partnership with our customers is another demonstration of what we strive to always be: flawlessly dependable.

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