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Shedding Some Light on the August 21 Eclipse

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For as long as people have roamed the earth, they’ve been fascinated by the sun. So, when something as monumental as a total eclipse happens, it tends to be a pretty big deal. This year’s eclipse is no different. The last time the contiguous United States experienced a total solar eclipse? 1979. And the next time we’ll experience one? 2045. Knowing the infrequency of the event, it’s understandable why so many people are coming from all over the world to experience the one happening on August 21. We wanted to share a few tips on what to expect when viewing the total eclipse in Casper, Wyoming.

First, understand just how important it is to take precautions when viewing an eclipse. It seems obvious that you should never look directly into the sun, but some people think that because the sun is briefly obscured behind the moon for a couple of minutes, they’re safe. Make no mistake about it—serious eye damage can occur from just a few seconds looking into the sun. That’s why those interested in viewing this year’s phenomenon need to use a very specific type of eye protection throughout the eclipse’s duration.

Rocky Mountain Air Solutions recommends a #14 (or darker) filter used in welding helmets. Typically, welders use shades anywhere between 9-13. But considering the sun is many times brighter than the arc of a weld, you need something more powerful. We have goggles available that can easily house your #14 lenses, ensuring you’re able to watch the entirety of the eclipse in complete safety. We’d also like to point out that some retailers are selling eclipse glasses for this same purpose, and while they appear to work well, if you look up at different angles, they still let some harmful UV light in. Our goggles equipped with #14 lenses allow no light in whatsoever.

Now that we’ve told you what gear you need, let’s give you a heads up on where you need to be to catch the best glimpse. Casper is in direct line to experience the total eclipse—but you’re not the first to find this out. Underlining the importance of the event, we’ve heard that people from 19 different countries are flying in to Casper to catch the phenomenon, totaling anywhere between 30-40,000 visitors. This means, quite simply, you need to plan the logistics of your visit in advance. For planning purposes, the eclipse viewing times in Casper begin at 10:22 am, with the sun completely covered at 11:43 am, and ending at 1:09 pm.

To ensure you’re prepared on August 21, visit one of our stores to get your lenses. You can simply contact us ahead of time to prepare your goggles with #14 lenses—and get ready to enjoy some happy viewing!

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