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Speed in Atmospheric Gas Delivery – in Calm and in Chaos

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Customers rely on us for the delivery of our products to run their businesses. When they have an emergency, we show up. Our proactive approach to resolve issues early makes all the difference. We do whatever it takes to do the job well and correctly.

Back in March, Texas was hit with a state-wide winter storm that left five million people without power for more than three days. The storm had ripple effects for days after it hit as businesses struggled to get back online and experienced delays in incoming and outgoing shipments.

During the winter storm, local gas distributors prioritized utility companies over others to ensure the safety of the population and cater to their immediate needs. Often when a distributor is unable to uphold a contract, the company will allow their customers to find external options. Businesses and industrial plants were left with a lack of resources, which necessitated looking out of state for backup gas suppliers.

Our team in Denver answered the call from a large Texas manufacturer. Within ten minutes the responsible team began to gather the resources for a quick solution. The ability to implement a plan with flawless dependability, in a short amount of time, was made possible by company-wide training for emergency situations.

Since our internal communication has fewer approval levels, we execute solutions with urgency. We understand that when customers are out of a product their business stops. Our dedication to showing up for our customers fosters a sense of reliability to our partnerships and emergency customers. RMA’s lack of hierarchical approvals simplifies the process, providing reliable service at a reasonable cost.

At RMA, our goal is to minimize excess and delays:  flawless dependability! We train to competency in the face of chaos and instill all customer service and production team members with a calm in the chaos mentality.  Our team understands that cultivating flawless dependability requires executing decisions quickly and with minimal error to serve our customers in good times and in chaotic times.

If you need an atmospheric gas partnership, or are seeking a one-time emergency order, your local RMA branch looks forward to serving you.

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