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Customer Highlight: The Inventing Room

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Located between the West Highland and Sloan’s Lake neighborhoods in Denver, Colorado, The Inventing Room, attracts children and adults alike to taste and see its crazy concoctions. The Willy Wonka inspired donut and dessert shop utilizes Liquid Nitrogen to pull out all the stops with inventive eats that are out of this world. Just as the expanding 3-in-1 entity has a diverse menu, it also has a diverse market and focuses on three areas business: the storefront, pop-ups, and catering.


Dessert & Donut Shop

Space Foam, Pansy Pops, Exploding Whipped Cream, Cherry Caviar, Magic Chocolate. The menu itself sounds like its origins are from a fictional utopia. Many of the dessert toppings are formed as they’re dipped in baths of Liquid Nitrogen: Magic Chocolate to look like a thin spiderweb-like sculpture, Exploding Whipped Cream to look like snow, and Space Foam (flavored whipped cream combos) to look like lunar rocks.

Even the donuts are edgy. They’re more than fruit loops and rainbow sprinkles, but rather unusual, yet complementary combinations. Take the Elvis for instance: double peanut butter cream, bananas foster, and spicy candied bacon. Oddly delicious.

And if you aren’t in the mood for a sugar coma, you can opt for some Really, Really Cold Cheetos or Nitro Popcorn, which have the same “fire breathing” effects as Dragon’s Breath.

The storefront is currently closed for the season but will be up and running in time for the warm weather. In the meantime, the donut and dessert shops offer exclusive pop-up events.


Pop-Up Shop

The Inventing Room’s Gobblefunk pop-up dinners create an atmosphere of wonder with culinary entertainment as chefs prepare cocktails and a four-course themed meal – perfect dinner-and-a-movie date night alternative! Themes are announced via Facebook and The Inventing Room’s website. Past themes include “Alice in Wonderland” and “Galaxy.” Be prepared to drink foggy Nitro cocktails, entrees and desserts that look way too good to eat. You’ll see that cooking and mixology are both truly art forms.

Pop-up events cater up to 16 people at $100 per person and are held once per-month on location. With its increasing popularity, each themed pop-up requires a reservation and deposit, so reserve your spot soon. Or if you happen to be hosting a larger scale event, The Inventing Room can fulfill that wish as your caterer.


Catering Company

Before The Inventing Room ever had a storefront, it began as a catering company and still continues to serve culinary entertainment at weddings, Mitzvahs, private and corporate events, and birthday parties. Their credentials also include festival appearances across the globe from the Aspen Food and Wine Festival, to the International Food Festival in Dubai. Although most catering events happen within the Denver metro area, The Inventing Room extends their services nationally and internationally.


Rocky Mountain Air Company Event

At Rocky Mountain Air Solutions, we enjoy working with The Inventing Room and recently asked them to come in to help us celebrate the implementation of our new software system! In a delectable swirl of Nitrogen induced fog, Ian whipped up some impressive celebratory treats for us, delighting our employees and their families alike!

Ethan Sherman, one of our Customer Service Representatives, told us that, “the Mexican Ice Cream was incredible! It is the smoothest ice cream ever. And the exploding whipped cream was so fun! I loved being able to be a dragon and breathe smoke for a minute.”

It was the perfect way to celebrate the hard work our team has been putting into getting the new software in place so that we can do our daily work faster and better as we work to provide the difference for our customers. Thank you to The Inventing Room for helping us celebrate!

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