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Vehicle Restoration and Engine Cleaning With Dry Ice

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Great grandpa’s Chevy has been sitting beyond the side gate for decades, exposed to extreme weather. What once drove in glory down one-lane highways with windows down is now idled with rusty fenders under a half-ripped tarp. Meanwhile, the collectible Camaro in the garage is losing its value with a battle against the grease and grime concealing every crevice and factory logo inside its engine. 

There are a number of solutions for vehicle restoration – sandblasting and power washing being a few – but none quite tackle the job of an intense clean while remaining gentle enough to preserve and restore vehicles for a second life. That is, none quite like dry ice blasting.

For collectors, mechanics, or those who have sentimentally hung onto old vehicles handed down in the family, dry ice blasting is just the ideal solution – from bodywork to cleaning between every manifold, gasket, and cylinder for a sparkling refinish.


Body Work

Rust does not have to be the end of days for vehicles thanks to this unique cleaning method that is both powerful and gentle enough to restore original paint jobs or to prep for new ones. It sounds like an oxymoron, but the secret is in the subzero temperatures of dry ice coupled with the compressed air powering this application. Dry ice blasting machines are fed with dry ice pellets that are crushed and sprayed with great force at its target through a small nozzle for intricate work. 

With intensive bodywork, dry ice blasting is gentler than sandblasting. Though it performs in a similar way, dry ice is not abrasive, so it won’t scratch, nor is it flammable – a plus since fuel is likely to be present. It is a better alternative for the simple fact that there is no sedimentary clean up. Rather, once it warms to room temperature, it vaporizes into thin air! This method is a preferred cleaning method for numerous industrial applications because machine downtime and cleanup is cut in half. Vehicle exteriors can be polished to restore glory in a new and practical way, but, let’s not forget the importance of engine anatomy either. 


Engine Cleaning

When engine parts begin to corrode or when excess buildup of asphalt, grease, and grime cake onto important moving parts, vehicles cannot run as they are meant to. From wheel wells, undercarriages, to under the hood, even the tightest spaces can be glossed clean, polished like fine silver. Nozzles are built specifically to blast around narrow corners, nooks and crannies, abolishing buildup and tuning up tired engines. The cleaning process looks almost as simple as blowing sawdust off a workbench to expose a smooth surface. 

This internal and external cleaning is the most thorough clean your vehicle can get, without the danger of harsh chemical treatments affecting the metal or the workers performing the job. Dry ice blasting for vehicle restoration and engine cleaning is both affordable and environmentally friendly. Have you considered giving dry ice blasting a go?


Dry Ice Line Coming Soon to Rocky Mountain Air Solutions

In line with Rocky Mountain Air Solutions’ dedication to providing our customers with flawless dependability, we are expanding our service capabilities in 2022 through a dry ice line that will support dry ice blasting and other applications. We look forward to partnering with you in each of these industrial cleaning applications through this sustainable and environmentally friendly practice. Stay tuned for news regarding our launch timeline!

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