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Why Yoga?

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We all have personas at work that align with our job titles. Executives look important and authoritative, while plant personnel appear physically strong. Administrative workers look studious and thoughtful, while customer service representatives seem to have an engaging smile and confident air. 

The minute we all roll out our yoga mats, we become people attuning to our bodies and our minds in an effort to see how we can stretch and strengthen ourselves amidst our sedentary work habits, not just individually, but as a team. We are next to each other, working in unison to gain a deeper understanding of our bodies and souls in the current space and time. We are present. Despite our varying job descriptions and level of skills, we are equal.

Then there is that exquisite moment of savasana – the final pose – where we look inward to free our minds and open our hearts. When we open our eyes, we see each other for who we truly are: kind, compassionate humans trying to be the best we can be. As we wrap up our class, we hold this space where we understand each other through a different lens – one of respect and compassion. And that is how we strive to treat every interaction with our customers.

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