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Rocky Mountain Air Solutions focuses on flawlessly executing our delivery of products and services to you, our customer and partner throughout the Rocky Mountain region. Browse our gases, view the industries we serve and the services we provide. Contact us to get started.

Rocky Mountain Air provides a wide variety of gases to multiple industries. Our gases may not represent a large portion of your budget, but they’re essential. A failure in quality or availability can quickly shut down your business. We take that seriously. That’s why over our 90-year history, we’ve honed the sourcing, logistics, quality control and delivery process to offer the highest level of dependability you can rely on.

Whether you need acetylene for welding, oxygen for patient care, argon as an anti-oxidizer or helium to fill balloons, we offer:

  • Meticulous quality control
  • Onsite cylinder filling and short lead times
  • Next day delivery
  • Competent, friendly, personal interactions

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Acetylene (C₂H₂) remains the hottest burning flame available in oxyfuel welding, cutting, brazing, and heat treating metal. Its many uses cross a wide range of industries. For example, the automotive industry employs acetylene for brazing and low pressure carburizing. There are also numerous fabricators and glass makers that use acetylene throughout their processes.

RMA manufactures industrial grade acetylene in our Salt Lake City plant and delivers the acetylene to our customers and several competitor gas suppliers throughout our distribution region. We can also supply your atomic absorption grade acetylene. If you use acetylene in our region, it will likely come from RMA.

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We have multiple cylinder sizes available individually and in clusters

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Compressed air is useful as a propellant and energy source in areas where it may be difficult or dangerous to run or source other power. Since compressed air tools don’t have motors or batteries, they are typically lighter and therefore easier to hold than electric tools.

There are many types of purities and mixtures available that cater to the varied uses of compressed air. From blowers and dryers to food & beverage processing, we have the years of experience to provide and consult for your needs.


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Compressed air for your industry and application

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Argon (Ar) is one of the noble or inert gases, with its nonreactive nature playing a factor in its many uses. It is manufactured for industrial uses by the process of fractional distillation, which separates Argon from Oxygen and Nitrogen in their liquid states.

Argon’s lack of reactivity makes it particularly useful in the production of reactive elements and compounds because it establishes an atmosphere devoid of oxygen, minimizing the contamination of the purity for the resulting metals or crystals through oxidation.


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Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) is a colorless, odorless gas that naturally occurs in the earth’s atmosphere. It is a dense inert gas that, when combined with Argon, is used as a shielding gas in the welding process.

Displacing oxygen in food packaging, Carbon Dioxide eliminates the need for preservatives in foods. It is also used to control pH levels in paper manufacturing and wastewater treatment.


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RMA provides helium (He) for a variety of uses in whatever purity needed. We provide cylinder and liquid cylinder containers large enough to cool a particle collider or an MRI magnet, and small enough to use for balloons at your next party.

Helium is a component of natural gas production. The inert gas can chill temperatures to near absolute zero. Various usages include: pressurizing and leak detection; balloon inflation; fiber optics; and glass production.


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The lightest element in the periodic table, hydrogen (H) is used for weather balloons, processing petroleum products, glass production, and heat treating furnaces for steel production.

Hydrogen gas is highly flammable. It is most commonly used in a variety of chemical processes; as hydrogen fuel cells to power cars; and in fuel celled forklifts.


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Liquid or compressed Hydrogen gas available in various concentrations and purities

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Mixed Gases

We provide a wide variety of gas mixes for use in medical, welding, and specialty gas use.

If you need a specific purity level, we can provide correct mixture, assuring you the quality you need for any process.


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Gas blends tailored for your needs and industry

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As the most common element in our atmosphere, nitrogen (N) is found in all living cells. Nitrogen is often used as a refrigerant to freeze and transport food and also to preserve biological specimens.

We make liquid and gaseous Nitrogen available to our customers in a variety of sizes to accommodate your needs. We can also assist in designing separation systems should the need for large quantities of on-site Nitrogen present itself.


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Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide (N₂O) also called laughing gas, has a slight metallic taste but is basically tasteless and odorless. It has significant use in the medical industry thanks to its analgesic and anesthetic properties. Whether you are seeking pain relief during labor or just your basic local anesthetic for dental procedures, nitrous oxide helps to take the edge off the pain.

Nitrous is also used in rocket propulsion due to its the oxidizing effect at high temperatures. In racing automotive nitrous increases engine power by burning more fuel and producing greater power.

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Other Gases

There are many other gases that Rocky Mountain Air Solutions manufactures and sells in addition to the elemental, rare, and specialty offerings listed.

Butane (C₄H₁₀), Chlorine (Cl), Ethylene (C₂H₄), Ammonia (NH₃) – these are just a few of the products that we stock and create for our customers. Contact us today to discuss your needs and develop a delivery plan that works for you!

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A requirement for most life on earth, Oxygen (O) is one of our atmosphere’s most plentiful elements. A particularly reactive gas, oxygen easily binds to a large variety of elements and compounds to form oxides, requiring inert gases to displace it or prevent contact with surfaces and other gases.

Oxygen’s usefulness stretches across a wide range of industries. In hospitals, clinics, and other health and homecare practices, oxygen is used in resuscitation, surgery, and a variety of therapies to promote better quality of life. In a radically different use, the industrial environment uses oxygen for its combustion properties – making flames hotter and the cutting and braising of metal easier and more efficient. To better serve your needs, RMA sells oxygen at a variety of purity levels and with a variety of systems.


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Liquid, gaseous, and bulk oxygen for medical, cryogenic, and other needs

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Rare Gases

Neon (Ne), Krypton (Kr) and Xenon (Xe) are referred to as the rare gases as they comprise a minimal amount of the earth’s atmosphere. These rare gases are produced in the same cryogenic separation and purification process that produces Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon but in much smaller quantities leading to a higher cost of the gas.

The use of rare gases in industry has been growing in recent years in many new and exciting applications from medical to lighting to automotive and aerospace technology. These rare gases are seen in not-so-rare places such as headlights, cell phone technology, and rocket propulsion. Additionally these gases are used in glass fiber optics, aerospace technology, and neon lighting.

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Specialty Gases

In 2016, Rocky Mountain Air Solutions installed a state of the art specialty gas lab in our Salt Lake City production facility. We are now a PurityPlus™ provider with trained personnel to meet your sophisticated gas requirements. We service research labs, pharmaceutical services, the food and beverage industry, as well as specialized gas needs in metal fabrication.

We have the ability to get you specialty gas at the purity level you require. We provide certifications for all specialty gases, assuring your purity needs. When your product needs to be specialized, count on our PurityPlus™ Specialty Gas lab to provide your business with your specialty gas.


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Specialty gases available for a variety of industries and uses

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