Compressed air is useful as a propellant and energy source in areas where it may be difficult or dangerous to run or source other power. Since compressed air tools don’t have motors or batteries, they are typically lighter and therefore easier to hold than electric tools.

There are many types of purities and mixtures available that cater to the varied uses of compressed air. From blowers and dryers to food & beverage processing, we have the years of experience to provide and consult for your needs.


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Primary Application

Oil & Gas
Aviator Breathing Air
Breathing Air Gas

Used to oxidize when burning sulfur to convert to sulfur dioxide.

Aviator O2 has a lower moisture content than Medical or Industrial Oxygen to prevent ice formation at high altitudes or low temperatures. Aviator breathing O2 is used, per FAA requirements, for pilots flying above 12,500 feet for more than 30 minutes as a supplement to cabin O2.

Breathing Air is not pure oxygen, but rather a mixture of gases meant to mimic our atmospheric environment for the purpose of health and safety in a non-typical breathing environment. Breathing Air gas is critical in artificial environments which need to mimic the general air humans breathe. These include underwater breathing, submarine environments, mountaineering above 20,000 feet, outer space environments, medical first aid and life support, and confined space safety.