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Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide (N₂O) also called laughing gas, has a slight metallic taste but is basically tasteless and odorless. It has significant use in the medical industry thanks to its analgesic and anesthetic properties. Whether you are seeking pain relief during labor or just your basic local anesthetic for dental procedures, nitrous oxide helps to take the edge off the pain.

Nitrous is also used in rocket propulsion due to its the oxidizing effect at high temperatures. In racing automotive nitrous increases engine power by burning more fuel and producing greater power.

Primary Application

Food and Beverage

Since 1844, the medical industry has taken advantage of the euphoric effect Nitrous produces when inhaled to relieve pain during minor procedures and surgeries. Considered a weak general anesthetic, it is often mixed with oxygen for stronger anesthetic drugs.

Piles of fluffy whipped cream are fluffier with nitrous oxide. When in an aerosol can, this gas is infused into the cream, returning to its gaseous state when being sprayed onto your favorite pie or ice cream sundae.

As a good oxidizer, Nitrous Oxide allows engines to burn more fuel, producing more power and allowing cars to race faster. A small amount of Sulfur Dioxide (SO₂) is added to the Nitrous Oxide to prevent human abuse of the gas.