A requirement for most life on earth, Oxygen (O) is one of our atmosphere’s most plentiful elements. A particularly reactive gas, oxygen easily binds to a large variety of elements and compounds to form oxides, requiring inert gases to displace it or prevent contact with surfaces and other gases.

Oxygen’s usefulness stretches across a wide range of industries. In hospitals, clinics, and other health and homecare practices, oxygen is used in resuscitation, surgery, and a variety of therapies to promote better quality of life. In a radically different use, the industrial environment uses oxygen for its combustion properties – making flames hotter and the cutting and braising of metal easier and more efficient. To better serve your needs, RMA sells oxygen at a variety of purity levels and with a variety of systems.


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Liquid, gaseous, and bulk oxygen for medical, cryogenic, and other needs

Primary Applications


Hospitals, care facilities, and home environments use liquid and gaseous oxygen for various therapies related to respiration and anaerobic bacteria infection.

The process for converting iron ore to steel uses Oxygen to combine with a carbon and sulfur, producing carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide.

When Hydrogen and Oxygen react, they produce a great amount of energy, providing thrust for rockets to reach escape velocity.