Specialty Gases

In 2016, Rocky Mountain Air Solutions installed a state of the art specialty gas lab in our Salt Lake City production facility. We are now a PurityPlus™ provider with trained personnel to meet your sophisticated gas requirements. We service research labs, pharmaceutical services, the food and beverage industry, as well as specialized gas needs in metal fabrication.

We have the ability to get you specialty gas at the purity level you require. We provide certifications for all specialty gases, assuring your purity needs. When your product needs to be specialized, count on our PurityPlus™ Specialty Gas lab to provide your business with your specialty gas.


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Specialty gases available for a variety of industries and uses

Primary Applications

Medical, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology
EPA Protocol Gases

Rocky Mountain Air provides mixtures for laser and incubation systems. We deliver anesthetic gases to medical facilities and can also help in the design, testing, and repair of on-site storage and manufacturing systems. Whatever your scientific application requirements may be, we will ensure that we meet GMD/QSR requirements.

RMA supplies your required gases for monitoring your environmental pollution measurements. Our calibration standards assure you that your results are accurate.

Rocky Mountain Air Solutions understands and provides gases that meet the strict requirements of laboratory-grade gas mixtures used in research, development, and instrument calibration.