Fire Protection

We can perform the service or maintenance that your fire protection equipment needs.

A working fire extinguisher is the most important piece of fire protection at your fingertips in an emergency. RMA provides and supports your fire protection extinguishers to assure you the peace of mind needed to count on your extinguisher in an emergency.

Universal Cylinder Services Company, a Rocky Mountain Air Solutions company, provides extinguishers and extinguisher testing and recharging. Our trained technicians follow the NPPA 10 year regulations.

We offer inspection, maintenance and repair services to ensure your fire protection equipment and monitoring hardware is in compliance with local and federal codes. We inspect the handles, hoses, gauges, and seals as well as hydro testing the cylinder and reconditioning the extinguisher.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does your company tag or service fire extinguishers?

  • How often do fire extinguishers need to be tagged or serviced?

  • How will my company know how many and what types of fire extinguishers it needs to be compliant?

  • Does Rocky Mountain Air offer on-site fire extinguisher service, or do we bring our fire extinguishers to your facility?