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Rocky Mountain Air strives for flawless execution when providing food and beverage grade gases for your establishment or processing facility. We work beside you so that you always have what you need when you need it.

Gases and equipment for food preservation and refrigeration are available for delivery. RMA serves manufacturing and packaging facilities, breweries, bottlers, and restaurants. We get the products to you so that you can keep the production lines moving and the beverages flowing.

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Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) is a colorless, odorless gas that naturally occurs in the earth’s atmosphere. It is a dense inert gas that, when combined with Argon, is used as a shielding gas in the welding process.

Displacing oxygen in food packaging, Carbon Dioxide eliminates the need for preservatives in foods. It is also used to control pH levels in paper manufacturing and wastewater treatment.


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Dry Ice

Dry Ice

Dry Ice is simply Carbon Dioxide in its solid form. This clear product leaves no residue behind which offers a distinct advantage during the preservation process. It is used as a safe method of preserving frozen food and preserving biological samples.

Applications of dry ice are extraordinarily varied. Some examples of dry ice usage are: protecting ice sculptures from melting; making ice cream; solidifying oil spills; preventing insect infestations in grains and farm products; industrial blasting; and use in plumbing as a frozen plug for pipe repair.


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Solid Carbon Dioxide available for a variety of uses

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RMA provides helium (He) for a variety of uses in whatever purity needed. We provide cylinder and liquid cylinder containers large enough to cool a particle collider or an MRI magnet, and small enough to use for balloons at your next party.

Helium is a component of natural gas production. The inert gas can chill temperatures to near absolute zero. Various usages include: pressurizing and leak detection; balloon inflation; fiber optics; and glass production.


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Mixed Gases

We provide a wide variety of gas mixes for use in medical, welding, and specialty gas use.

If you need a specific purity level, we can provide correct mixture, assuring you the quality you need for any process.


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Gas blends tailored for your needs and industry

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As the most common element in our atmosphere, nitrogen (N) is found in all living cells. Nitrogen is often used as a refrigerant to freeze and transport food and also to preserve biological specimens.

We make liquid and gaseous Nitrogen available to our customers in a variety of sizes to accommodate your needs. We can also assist in designing separation systems should the need for large quantities of on-site Nitrogen present itself.


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Specialty Gases

In 2016, Rocky Mountain Air Solutions installed a state of the art specialty gas lab in our Salt Lake City production facility. We are now a PurityPlus™ provider with trained personnel to meet your sophisticated gas requirements. We service research labs, pharmaceutical services, the food and beverage industry, as well as specialized gas needs in metal fabrication.

We have the ability to get you specialty gas at the purity level you require. We provide certifications for all specialty gases, assuring your purity needs. When your product needs to be specialized, count on our PurityPlus™ Specialty Gas lab to provide your business with your specialty gas.


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Specialty gases available for a variety of industries and uses

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