Introduction to RMA

Looking for a career rather than a job? Founded in 1924, Rocky Mountain Air Solutions built its business on the belief that excellent service should be the expectation, not the exception. If you believe in hard work, attention to what matters for the customer, and pouring yourself into the task at hand, RMA will give your focus and dedication a place to thrive. More than that, we believe in creating a career that you can be proud of. This is not a sit-behind-your-desk-all-day kind of company, and we believe you should roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. Literally.

As a company, we demand a lot from our employees because we believe they are capable and competent. Internally, we champion the message that we are Kind, Competent, and Professional in everything we do, whether that is interacting with our customers, our vendors, or each other. It is our belief that we are all here to be better at what we do, that thoughtfulness matters, and that leadership begins with speaking up. Learn through our hands-on approach to training, ask questions, and challenge our practices. We believe in offering great opportunity to those who reach for it, and we believe that our employees should drive their own career, and therefore the company, forward. Apply to be a part of our future today!

Why You Should Work Here

RMA’s mission is to redefine what we expect from a career in service – we just happen to work with atmospheric gas distribution. Daily, employees work to find ways that make the lives of our customers a little easier through our competence, to make their businesses run a little smoother because of our service, all the while delivering our products in a timely and safe manner. The quality of our service begins with the quality of our people. If you are looking for ways to cultivate your career on your terms, with only your ideas and ambition as limitations, hone your performance mindset into a valuable contribution, dip into hands-on problem solving, and demonstrate that kindness, competence, and professionalism still exists in business today…

Cultivate your career on your terms, with only your ideas and ambition as limitations
Hone your performance mindset into a valuable contribution
Dip into hands-on problem solving
Demonstrate that kindness, competence, and professionalism still exists in business today


Company Culture

Diligent… Driven… Demanding… these are just some of the words that we use to define ourselves. We are a driven company that aims at being better tomorrow than we were today. We begin with driving our operations through processes, limiting our errors and ensuring that we can keep our focus on what matters most: our customer. As a business, we have a choice on what to focus our collective efforts on improving. Our choice is continually on our service. We set high expectations for competence, professionalism, and kindness in every transaction. We look for people who are willing to dive in and lead our future. This company aims to be something great – are you ready?


We offer all the standard benefits like medical and dental insurance, Long-term Disability and Life insurance, 401K, paid holidays, paid vacation and sick time.

Current Job Openings

  • Customer Service Representative

  • City Delivery Driver

  • Cylinder Maintenance Technician-Hydrostatic Testing- Cylinder Testing

  • Over the Road Driver

  • Cylinder Gas Filler

  • Store Manager

  • Plant Manager - Salt Lake City or Denver

  • Safety Manager

  • Additional Openings